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Ian Fairweather - Director & Process Excellence Coach

Ian is an expert in continuous improvement.  He has worked in this field for 15 years.  Prior to starting Arkouda Ltd.  Ian worked for various companies in senior management positions across the world in diverse industries such as automotive (UK, Germany, USA), power generation (UK, USA), Bio-pharmaceutical, (UK, USA) Marine Engines (UK, Germany), Construction (UK) and Chemical (UK, Italy).

Ian is a lean practitioner, lean six sigma black belt and continuous improvement coach.  He is a member of the IMECHE and holds a bachelors degree in Product design & manufacturing from Loughborough University. 

Ian Fairweather - Process Excellence Coach

Ian Fairweather - Process Excellence Coach


J. Toes, methods and process manager Délifrance Home Bake Netherlands

“Working with Ian proved to be both very pleasant and constructive. His advice based on rich experience proved very valuable. With Ian’s support we were able to take further steps in creating a foundation of various Lean methods and building a CI-culture in general. Highly recommended.”

Brian Bristol - Global Director Lean Enterprise

Ian was a very effective lean champion who successfully led one of our plants from the start of the lean journey to the conversion of our factory floor to single piece flow and material flow and pull systems. During the conversion Ian showed the ability to effectively communicate and motivate team members from the factory floor up to the GM. Ian also demonstrated an exceptional 'knack' for getting team members on the shop floor to buy into the lean process and to take ownership of the ongoing success of the systems that were designed and implemented during Kaizen events.

Pelleren Hodges - Senior Warehousing and Distribution Manager

Ian’s excellent interpersonal skills, experience and knowledge enabled him to quickly integrate into the company where he gained the trust and support of his colleagues at all levels.  During this time Ian was a very effective facilitator of change running a high number of kaizans and events to assist the business in continuous improvement.  I recommend Ian and would have no hesitation in working with him again, or recommending him for employment.

Brian Peterson - Plant Operations Manager

I worked with Ian at Cummins Power Generation in Kent. Ian is a highly experienced and knowledgible Lean & Continuous Improvement practitioner. During the time he was at Cummins, he accomplished more significant change and improvement, at all levels of the business, and in more areas of the business, than anyone. The company and staff also benefited from his exceptional inter-personal and team building skills. I highly recommend Ian, and hope to one day work with him again.

Roy Thompson - Head of Production and Process Engineering

Ian and myself worked on a number of projects together. Ian clearly demonstrated an extensive technical and operational knowledge of manufacturing management and LEAN manufacturing processes and principles. I would strongly recommend Ian as a LEAN manufacturing consultant or business process consultant where he will deliver benefit and cost saving by eliminating MUDA- MURA- MURI!